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I highly doubt any of you will even see this, especially the ones I really WANT to see this..but oh well.
I really, really miss my friends.
I know for a fact I've changed, and I'm sure after a few months/years you guys have too..
But we all really need to get together...somehow. I know we can't get the old times back, but I really miss you guys a whole hell of a lot.
You guys were there through the best and worst times of my life...I don't understand how everything just disappeared.

Like I said, I know its unrealistic to want the old times back, but no matter how much bad there was, the good outweighs it all.

If any of you see this..give me your phone numbers.
If Tiffany and Saretha don't see this, can someone give me their phone number? I'm not sure if you guys hate me or not, but I'd like to give you guys a call so we can hang out or whatever.

I will always love you guys.
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