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Feel free to add to the list..

You know you're a member of the Dead Crew when...

1. You often find yourself placing strange or unusual things in your freezer.
2. You understand the word "gofic"
3. You speak with computer acronyms in every day conversations.
4. You believe in peace/anti-war to the extent that if you were born in the 70's, you would be what society calls a "hippie."
5. Valentine's Day is the day you lie around and watch Lifetime.
6. Bush = Satan. Period.
7. You have your own gang sign.
8. You find it extremely hilarious when someone within your crew "throws" your "sign."
9. Holding up four fingers and screaming, "GOAT" isn't unusual.
10. Someone else mocking rap music is not funny. Someone you like mocking rap music is.
11. Your AIM info. more than likely contains a deep, philosophical quote at this moment.
12. Kayla has done your LiveJournal layout at least once.
13. You know what "ufk," means without any explanation.
14. Gay men kissing is not gross. It is adorable.
15. Women kissing is not weird. It is normal.
16. Black is not a hue. It's a color.
17. You could compile a list of 100 things you hate, and wouldn’t feel bad about sharing it with people.
18. When you read number one you thought about toes.
19. If you decide to make up your own words, it is inevitable that someone WILL correct you.
20. A normal weekend activity starts with, "Hey, want to dye my hair?"
21. You hate physical labor, but often find yourself walking laps around your town.
22. You recognize each others typing.
23. You play with a Ouija board at 5 o'clock in the afternoon while eating Wheaties.
24. None of you eat the same foods... except Taco Bell.
25. The cool place to hang out is the mall, even if you hate it with a burning passion.
26. You've never been to a high school football game (and will probably end up getting dragged to one soon)
27. You own over 50 bracelets.
28. Shaving each other's legs is completely and totally acceptable and normal.
29. At one point in your lifetime, you have had a conversation about all of the following: Mexicans, Spice Girls, midgets, Satan, gay rights, and Canada.
30. You're not sure of half of your groups natural hair color.
31. Joey Jordison is hot.
32. Old ladies, little kids, and nosey people often ask you what your religion is.
33. The phrase: "N-ya, n-ya, n-ya, n-ya" is actually from a song.
34. When out of eyeliner, it is expected that someone else WILL have some on them.
35. It's okay to wash Mark's feet.
36. "Well, it's the weekend... time for another hurricane!"
37. Your font has been the same color for over a year.
38. Movies are good fun. To some more than others, but good fun all the same. (And you actually understood that)
39. Guys are evil.
40. When someone announce that someone smells good, the reaction is as following: *sniff*sniff*sniff*
41. Each of you own at least one pair of stripped socks.
42. You can hold a conversation about masturbation while completely sober.
43. This list has put a smile on your face and brought back some great memories.
44. One member of your group is hilarious when drunk, one doesn’t know what fellatio is, one often runs into signs and falls down stairs, one is very obsessive-compulsive about their Livejournal layout, and one can often be found alone, talking to themself.
45. You know who each of those people are.
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